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Software for Aircrews

ROBBINSWARE - Mission Planning Tools (.xls) 

VERSION 5.2 - Last Updated 29 Mar 14


- Please select the "CONTACT US" link above if you identify any issues or have a spreadsheet you would like to add to the tool. 
- Credit to the 816th MPC and the excel files they have added to the posted product. 


GLOBEMASTER DUTY DAY CALCULATOR - Duty Day Calculator iPhone/iPad app 

VERSION 4.1 - Last Updated  20 Jun 14


- Built as a trial run for iphone app development. Please send me any feedback you have regarding the design or interface.  Expect more apps to follow if there is sufficient interest.


POST MISSION CALCULATOR - Usefull for almost all USAF aircrews.

VERSION 1.5 - Last Updated 24 Apr 15


- After a ton of requests for a Post Mission Calculator I put this app together.  

- Calculates 1 hour off for every 3 gone up to 96 hrs.